ServicesIcon-TransportThe Pedia Manor transport team helps connect our team, and our child’s family to the specialists that oversee their treatment at the various local hospitals. Transport is a central part of coordinating the care demands of our children. They ensure that all major surgeries, or procedures our children undergo are carried out in the recommended time frame. They are also a vital part of making sure our children get to participate in various community life activities.

Family Visitation

ServicesIcon-FamilyVisitationAt Pedia Manor we try our best to create a family-like atmosphere for our children to enjoy. We realize, however, that we can never replace what a child would get from being at home. Our ultimate goal is reunification whenever possible. Our team coordinates visitation with families from all over the tri-state region, we provide transportation to and from the nearby Doylestown and Lansdale SEPTA stations whenever possible to help families make it in to see their children.

Parent/Caregiver Training

ServicesIcon-ParentTrainingWe pride ourselves in our ability (and proven track record) in helping children make huge strides and medical progress. Often times we’re able to help a child resolve their medical issues and transition home to be in the care of their family.

. When the time for a discharge to home approaches, Pedia Manor works with each and every family to ensure that our children’s needs will be met even after they’ve left our care. We have a comprehensive training program so that our parents learn each child’s specific care requirements.

Our Therapists

ServicesIcon-TherapistsBesides highly skilled medical care, Pedia Manor children receive physical therapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy provided by board certified therapists employed by Pedia Manor. Pedia Manor also employs a registered dietician who provides nutritional support on a consulting basis.

We’re very to introduce our new Child Life program to Pedia Manor. We added a Child Life Specialist to our team of therapists who works with our staff to ensure that our children are getting appropriate developmental programming.

Extended Care

ServicesIcon-LongTermThere are times when because of the nature of a child’s medical needs, and their high level of acuity that Pedia Manor becomes a solution for a child’s care over an extended period of time.

To meet the needs of these children who will be in our care on an extended basis, we were proud to introduce the state-of-the-art Milford Square home in the Summer of 2011. This home is designed to meet the needs of a more mature, young teenage population. Each bedroom has specific climate controls (for temperature sensitive children), and an electronic lift system to ensure each child’s safety. Milford Square is spacious and custom-built to meet our kid’s needs.

School Services

ServicesIcon-SchoolServicesWe work closely with the Bucks County Intermediate Unit to ensure that each child receives schooling through residential school districts. A child may be home-schooled or attend school off-grounds.

Roxy Reading – Therapy Dogs! Roxy

Pedia Manor is blessed to have a partnership with Roxy Reading, whose volunteers visit our children regularly to provide support, comfort, and interaction with highly trained therapy dogs. All of our patients delight in their visits, and we are proud to offer this unique and irreplaceable program to our children.

You can visit them at!