Model of Care


Pedia Manor is an organization established on the basis of providing the best care possible for the children at our homes. Our organizational philosophy drives the decisions made with respect to workload and staffing patterns. Pedia Manor’s staff to client ratios are more than twice as strong as what is mandated by state regulations. We are very confident that our staffing patterns greatly exceed those of our competitors.

We take these measures to ensure that the best possible care is offered to our clients. A decrease in caseload does not result in a decrease in workload. Staff members take the extra time in their shift to pay attention to detail, and work to create a positive environment for our clients.

Staff members execute each and every client specific task as thoroughly and as meticulously as is possible at that moment.

. This means that any tasks carried out by our staff are carried out with client safety, dignity, and general well being in mind. Our staff members are able to exercise the maximum amount of precaution and thoughtfulness possible in any given situation.