Founded in 2003, Pedia Manor was launched by a group of licensed professionals who grew frustrated with the care being provided at their work place and felt as if there was a better way of doing things- that if an organization is appropriately staffed with quality people, nurse and low patient to staff ratios are maintained that it would allow for better quality of care, and better outcomes.

Pedia Manor wasn’t simply founded on solely providing the best medical care, but also the best environment for children to live in. When opening our first home, extensive renovations were done and the house was fitted for all of the technical necessities needed to take care of children in a top of the line facility. What was also important was that we make the house bright, clean, and spacious so that we have an environment that fosters growth. It is our ultimate goal to provide our children with the best quality of life possible. And we go to great lengths to see that this happens. We facilitate many outings, trips, and activities and spend our extra time playing with our children.

As we’ve grown and expanded over the years, the ideals we were founded with have remained at the core of what we do. We feel that our model has been validated as we’ve seen our children grow beyond anyone’s expectations. Often, our children have continued to defy the odds and thrive when they were expected to struggle. We’ve sent many children home to their families able to live normal lives. For those of our children who have stayed with us for several years, we’ve pushed to expand our homes to accommodate how much they’ve grown in our care. With the opening of each of our homes, we’ve been able to make further modifications, and add new features as we strive to create the perfect environment for our children.