Our Staff


loving-memory-laureen_1Pedia Manor boasts a team of highly skilled and dedicated professionals who work together to ensure that our children get the best care possible. Our Medical Director, search Dr. Louis Guernsey is a Pediatric Pulmonologist from AI DuPont/Nemours Hospital who makes weekly rounds and works with our staff on coordinating care and ensuring that our children’s medical needs are met. Pedia Manor also supplements Dr. Guernsey’s services with those of our own Pediatric Nurse Practitioner (Nancy Fickert DRNP).

Our Senior Clinical staff work with our team of Nurses and Respiratory Therapists to provide the highest level of medical care possible. To ensure that we provide the best possible care we maintain staff to client ratios of 2-3 children per staff member in each of our homes. Our Personal Care Assistants are specially trained by our Medical team, and our team of Therapists to carry out each child’s individualized therapeutic program. Pedia Manor has a dedicated transport team that provides mobile nursing care, and coordinates with specialists at CHOP, DuPont, and St. Christopher’s to ensure continuity of care.

Dinesh & Sudesh Singh

Louis Guernsey- Medical Director
Pediatric Pulmonologist (A.I. DuPont)

Sherry Konzman
Director of Nursing

Trisha Rivera

Assistant Director of Nursing

Nancy Fickert
Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

Sumit Singh
Program Director

Robert Frey
Program Coordinator

Michelle Brams
Physical Therapist

Joseph Attieh
Staffing Coordinator