For  18 years Pedia Manor has worked hard on training and staff development. We pride ourselves on our ability to develop highly skilled Nurses who specialize in pulmonary care, as well as Respiratory Therapists who work hand in hand with our nursing staff to deliver the best in skilled medical care. Our personal care staff is second to none, as they take a great deal of pride in the care of each child. Our team makes Pedia Manor a wonderful place to grow up, and also to work.

Current Job Opportunities

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Pedia Manor currently has the following  employment opportunities available:

(Updated September 2021)


  • Assistant Director of Nursing (Dayshift)
  • Nurse Supervisor (Dayshift) Durham 2
  • Nurse Supervisor (Dayshift) Thatcher Rd
  • PCA Supervisor


  • Full Time Dayshift 7a-7p, 36hrs/wk
  • Full Time Nightshift 7p-7a 36hrs/wk
  • Part Time Dayshift 7a-7p 24/hrs/wk
  • Part Time Nightshift 7p-7a 24hrs/wk


  • Full-Time Transport Driver, Dayshift Mon-Fri
    • Assist with preparing patients for scheduled appointments. Driving Handicap Accessible km Van with Nurse and patients to various regional Hospitals and Healthcare Centers.
  • Full-Time Dayshift 7a-7p, 36 hrs/wk
  • Full Time Nightshift 7p-7a, 36 hrs/wk
  • Part Time Dayshift: 7a-7p, 24/hrs/wk
  • Part Time Nightshift: 7p-7a, 24 hrs/wk

We are proud to offer the following competitive and comprehensive benefits packages for employees of Pedia Manor; Medical, Dental, Vision, 401k Retirement Plans, Tuition Reimbursement, 12 hour shifts, Bonus Pay and Overtime Opportunities, Nights and Weekend pay differentials, Fixed Scheduling, Paid Time Off.

If you are interested please fax a completed application to: 1-866-562-1658 or for more information e-mail